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Every day the public is inundated with the illusion the insurance industry is simple. Think easier Fifteen minutes can save you fifteen percent or more and maybe expose you to humongous gaps in coverage – but that’s not part of the commercial, is it? Like a good neighbor, insurance for the modern world is on your side. Rest assured, you’re in good hands. But, it doesn’t seem that way when you thought you protected yourself against mayhem and mayhem happens, and the process isn’t what you thought it would be. Usually, if you’re not educated about the industry, it’s anything but simple. Legislation and regulations regarding insurance are constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up for both the insured and the agent; but, that’s where we come in.

Insurance isn’t as simple as click and save because there are so many different facets to a policy – coverage limits, rules, guidelines. Creating a relationship with an actual agent is truly the easiest way to make sure that you’re not just blindly paying for a policy, but that you’re actually making an investment towards the protection of your home, personal items, family, and life. The Professional Insurance Agents Association of Chattanooga is centered around making sure the independent insurance agents in our community are afforded access to information on changes in the industry so that they can best serve their customers and educate them on those changes and how they affect the policyholders.

This blog is just a resource created by the PIA of Chattanooga for our members and the general public to use to obtain information regarding the insurance industry. Thanks so much for visiting; follow us to see more!

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