raining cats and dogs.

[Image above from radar prediction of super storm]

Be prepared for a potential uptick in claims this week, both homeowners and auto. Remember, the key to protecting your clients and your loss ratios in an event like this is to know what caused the damage, when the damage occurred, and how extensive the damage is.

The information below was copied from an article in the Times Free Press. Check it out here.

“Starting [yesterday] and continuing through Monday, forecasters from the National Weather Service have warned of severe thunderstorms moving through the Chattanooga region, a prediction that means residents could face a full week of rain, thunder, lightning and even hail in some cases.

Beginning [yesterday] afternoon, the agency has called for numerous showers as a large low pressure area moves into the eastern U.S. But it won’t be moving through, forecasters warn. It’s here for an extended visit.

The potential exists for several severe storms, which could bring large hail and damaging wind gusts, according to the National Weather Service. Heavy rain and frequent lightning can be expected.

For the rest of the week, several rounds of what the NWS calls “disturbances” will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms each day, especially during the afternoon and evening hours.

There’s a chance of a strong to severe thunderstorms each day until Monday, including strong downbursts, torrential rains and frequent lighting.

Flash flooding is possible, with the greatest risk of flooding expected on Wednesday afternoon through Thursday evening, according to the NWS.

The agency has warned that it may activate its storm spotter network this week.”

Local areas affected


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