new uninsured driver laws to go into effect TOMORROW in Tennessee

As of tomorrow, a new law in Tennessee will go into effect revolving around higher penalties for those driving uninsured.

According to an article in the Chattanooga Times Free Press, “Penalties start with a $25 ‘coverage failure fee’ if an uninsured vehicle is detected. Another $100 fine kicks in if proof of insurance is not provided within 30 days. The maximum general fine is $300, though the state Department of Commerce and Insurance may seek a special “civil penalty” of up to $250 per day of uninsured driving in some situations.”

Drivers that aren’t able to provide proof of insurance during a traffic stop may risk having their car towed on-scene as well as having their registration revoked if they do not show proof of insurance within 30 days.

Right now, an estimated 1.1 million drivers of the registered 5.5 million vehicles are without insurance in Tennessee alone.  The hope is that “…the bill will bring many who now simply ignore the state’s poorly enforced law into compliance at a relatively modest cost, lowering insurance rates for law-abiding Tennesseans who pay higher rates because of uninsured motorists.”


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