the tortoise and the hare

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop. – Confucius

Have you ever felt like you were pushing yourself to the limit, rushing and trying to get everything done, stretching yourself so thin you finally crashed – and effectively made your life a thousand times harder by doing so, because now you’re behind?

Yeah. Me too.

Do yourself a favor: breathe. Slow down, and just breathe for a minute. Think about the things you need to get done. Then, rip a page from Confucius’s book and realize that you don’t have to kill yourself to get everything done right now – it’s all about pace and progress. Really prioritize the clients that bring you the most happiness and the most business; by focusing 80% of your time on those people, you’ll not only be less stressed, but more fulfilled. Strategize the time you devote toward projects that are the most successful in promoting your business. Don’t let yourself get distracted by the clutter of E-mails, social media updates, text messages – set aside times to respond to your customers and clients throughout the day and stick to those times. Think it’s easier said than done? Maybe at first, but forcing yourself to do those things will bring about a lifestyle change for the better, and soon, it will be second nature.

Check out this article from the PIA of Tennessee about the ten challenges and opportunities that face independent agents today. Click here!

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